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"We received 58 new patients last year from Google reviews alone, resulting in $174,000."

"We implemented the Reviews Accelerator system and within 48 hours we had 44 reviews posted on Google, all 5 star ratings, posted by our patients. The next week our practice got two new patients from finding us on Google and because of our positive reviews."
- John M Johnson, DDS of Contemporary Dentistry in Groton, CT
Reputation Management - Success Story

Reputation Management - Success Story                        Reputation Management - Success Story                        Reputation Management - Success Story                        Reputation Management - Success Story                        Reputation Management - Success Story
Survey System - Success Story

My results were AWESOME! I am so pleased. I only had 6 Google reviews and now I have 19, so I am so thrilled.
– Dr. Tara Hardin of Hardin Advanced Dentistry

Survey System - Success Story

We originally had reservations due to our disappointment with other companies. However, we discovered the flexibility of the product and signed up for a trial plan. Only one month into using the system and we were incredibly happy. This product and the superior customer service behind it really delivered us results. Thank you very much!
– Sensitive Care Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Survey System - Success Story

With traditional mediums like radio, television and newspaper, I felt I was throwing money against a wall and hoping some would stick. With new, modern ways to advertise using the Internet, video, and Facebook, you can quantify the results. Review Accelerator has allowed us to get the valuable feedback from our customers which has led to more referrals, a higher rating on Google, and even turn a couple of negative situations into positive ones.
– Matthew G. Longino of Galaxy Roller Rink

Survey System - Success Story

Today more than ever, online reviews are one of the smartest avenues to improve SEO and to generate new clients. I tested the Reviews Accelerator system last quarter and found the outcome to be super advantageous for both. Jimmy and his colleagues are easy to work with, customize the process and do all the tracking for you. Not only did we get a tremendous amount of 5-star online reviews, we also received beneficial feedback from our existing clients to help us always meet their needs. I will continue to work with Reviews Acclerator and have already recommended their review services to my business owner friends.
– Kim Knapp of Skin Apeel Day Spa

Survey System - Success Story

James- Just thought I’d let you know that 2 new customers (within the last week) joined us because we have a 5-star rating! Thank you.
– Marc Mazzella of Benvenuti Oil Company, Inc.

Survey System - Success Story

We had one review that was from 3 or 4 years ago, that unfortunately was a negative response. Literally within 1 month, we had over 30 reviews that are now posted on the internet. So when you look up MJ Sullivan Auto, we now have a 5-star rating. Thank you Reviews Accelerator!
– Bill Sullivan of MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner


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