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In 2011, The Reviews Accelerator system was developed because one of our clients went from 169 reviews on Google down to 2 reviews. A third-party service fed these 169 reviews into Google automatically. Google decided to no longer display third-party reviews and only display reviews posted on their website directly.

At the time, the only 2 reviews that remained were negative. So overnight our client went from a 5-star rating down to a 1-star rating. We developed the software to triage negative reviews and ask the positive reviewers to post their review onto Google.

Within 48 hours the client went from 2 reviews to 44 real reviews and back to a 5-star rating. Since 2011, we have been improving and perfecting our software, system, and helping our clients obtain a 5-star online reputation even without an email list.

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The Wall Street Journal - Reputation Management

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